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[audio]IUMA: Darrell Adams
WHO IS THIS GUY, ANYWAY? Darrell's inspiration is found at the intersection of good intentions and bad acid. A self-confessed casualty of the sixties, he is able, some thirty years later, to speak in fairly coherent sentences and feed and bathe himself on a regular basis. With a wit that is both insightful and sharp, and a world (and larger) view that is mind-boggling, his music veers between the sacred and profane, the sublime and the ridiculous...
Keywords: Darrell Adams
Downloads: 448
[audio]IUMA: DJ Essence
No description found.
Keywords: DJ Essence
Downloads: 504
[audio]IUMA: DeAngelis, Susan
No description found.
Keywords: DeAngelis, Susan
Downloads: 270
[audio]IUMA: Deadly Collision
No description found.
Keywords: Deadly Collision
Downloads: 295
[audio]IUMA: Cabala
No description found.
Keywords: Cabala
Downloads: 295
[audio]IUMA: Elizabeth Jane
No description found.
Keywords: Elizabeth Jane
Downloads: 109
[audio]IUMA: Bunky the Mechanic
No description found.
Keywords: Bunky the Mechanic
Downloads: 103
[audio]IUMA: Freedom Of Culture
No description found.
Keywords: Freedom Of Culture
Downloads: 77
[audio]IUMA: Art Vandelay
Explosive, energetic, convulsive, and charismatic pure rock music. We formed in 1999 as a three piece band, with our new bass player Steve Samosky bringing his experience into the picture. Formally "of" The Occupants, we have branched off as The Kones, and hope to continue with much success. After playing in The Occupants, the three of us have set sail on a new adventure. One that will prove to be nothing less than cheesy...
Keywords: Art Vandelay
Downloads: 83
[audio]IUMA: Bowman, Lisa
No description found.
Keywords: Bowman, Lisa
Downloads: 75
[audio]IUMA: Aizkolari
jaio giñen ta nehikua egin genian, amari apuro pizar bat eman zion ikusita nolako bitxua azaldu zen baina ze ingo diogu?
Keywords: Aizkolari
Downloads: 58
[audio]IUMA: Airsponge
Ever wander what classical, punk, and middle eastern, and pop music sounds like when fused? We do. Our group, Airsponge, fuses these genres into a sound we like to think our own. We are a group of four guys, between the ages of 18-20, who started a band in the beginning of the Summer of 2001. Abe Lichy (Bassist Extraodinaire and Harmony Guru) knew Gabe (Pretty Boy Guitarist and Vocalist) and Etan (The Ecclectic Bongo Man\Whistler) Rand from grade school...
Keywords: Airsponge
Downloads: 127
[audio]IUMA: Airplay
We're a band of six blokes, aged 18 from London. We enjoy playing and listening to all styles of music, and perform our own songs.. We are: RANJAN, GREG, PAUL, TIM, CHARRIS and TOM! Ranjan plays the lead guitar, and he is an absolute genius, one of the best guitar plays I know. His influences are basically George Harrison and the Beatles. He loves music, and learnt the guitar by playing along to all of his favourite songs...
Keywords: Airplay
Downloads: 90
[audio]IUMA: Airplanes For Angels
Airplanes For Angels construct heavy angular guitar and pounding drums over melodic and sometimes brutal vocals. The bass keeps the framework together to provide a diverse sound and distinct melody. This Akron Ohio 5 piece indie rock/hardcore band is known for giving fans honest music that takes your conventional rock music, douses it in gasoline and sets it one fire. Airplanes for Angels is currently unsigned but looking for some label support so they can concentrate on their music full time...
Keywords: Airplanes For Angels
Downloads: 116 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]IUMA: Kerux
No description found.
Keywords: Kerux
Downloads: 46
[audio]IUMA: Klein, Phil
No description found.
Keywords: Klein, Phil
Downloads: 37
[audio]IUMA: Airohpulb
For the pure love of writing and playing music, bluphoriA came together as a traditional soul band. Combining vintage instruments, conscious vocals and funky grooves to create that bohemian soul vibe that all races and ages can feel. We are part of the underground Soul revolution.
Keywords: Airohpulb
Downloads: 52
[audio]IUMA: Airdreams
Rusty Garner (Native American Flute) and Rosemarie O'Bourke (Keyboards) are Airdreams. Between them they represent a wide range of musical training, classical and traditional. Airdreams is an expression of their mutual creative spirits. About the artists of Airdreams: Rusty Garner Having started a musical career as a symphony musician (bassoon) and ethnomusicologist, Rusty spent 15 years as a CEO for several arts groups and presenting venues...
Keywords: Airdreams
Downloads: 105
[audio]IUMA: Donovan, Janelle
No description found.
Keywords: Donovan, Janelle
Downloads: 47
[audio]IUMA: Airdivers
Airdivers contains jesper samuelzone & nic t , a new duo from sweden who´s makin´ all kinds of trance . we´re two guys , 16 & 17 years old , from stockholm sweden . we´ve producing for 2 months togheter . so far have our productions been very succed and we´re both satisfied over the results . we hope you´ll like our tunes & remixes as much as we do :)
Keywords: Airdivers
Downloads: 69
[audio]IUMA: Daniel
No description found.
Keywords: Daniel
Downloads: 35
[audio]IUMA: Airborne
One guy, one room, one PC and a couple of excellent programmes makes me Airbone.
Keywords: Airborne
Downloads: 60
[audio]IUMA: Air Tank Occurence
Born out of wedlock, ATO is a synthesis of love, pure joy and a single drop of urine; drink, listen, and be merry.
Keywords: Air Tank Occurence
Downloads: 63
[audio]IUMA: Air Smooth
Air Smooth - (Producer/ Artist/ writer/ D.J.) Air Smooth (A.S.) was born January 10, 1972 at his home in South Philadelphia, where his grandmother still resides today. An avid music fan, A.S. became familiar with the likes of Roy Ayers, Gil Scott Herrin, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, and almost the entire Motown Family at a very young age. His love for hip hop began when he first heard The Sugar Hill Gang's Rapper's Delight...
Keywords: Air Smooth
Downloads: 141
[audio]IUMA: Air Fuse
I began making music in 1996 after I bought my first mixer. Well, not really "music," but it was audible. Mostly feedback and static amplified. Then I found a tracker for my PC. Then I got a REAL four-track recorder. Then... years later... I started my IUMA web page.
Keywords: Air Fuse
Downloads: 57
[audio]IUMA: Aint Nuttin productions
Aint Nuttin was formed by Star Eaz and Parlay (Superior) That was the head of the team S.E.G.A.But as tyme went on thangs begin to differ..So they took it upon there self to start there own..Taking Killa and Big Smoove along with them.Pickin up Pheno G and E'sha and becoming a force to be recon with.Willing to take it to the next level.With Pheno already on his own mission.Just leave'n a label (Blackhouse University)along with his partner (Jazio Blaq)ran into the click at the right tyme.With hop...
Keywords: Aint Nuttin productions
Downloads: 42
[audio]IUMA: Aishas Wild
Aisha's WILD" is a creative collaboration of songwriters with talent and polish. One minute you'll hear a hint of Santana, next the Mary Jane Girls, a while later a healthy dose of Chaka Khan. Sometimes it's hard to tell where the covers end and the originals begin. This is a talented, spirited ensemble.
Keywords: Aishas Wild
Downloads: 62
[audio]IUMA: Airlift
Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and came to the Iron Horse show. We had a great time and it was really cool to see all of the support we have. We'll have more updates posted soon, so keep checking back. Thanks again. Thank you everyone who joined us for any of our weekend of rock in Hartford, Easthampton and/or Springfield. We had a great time and wish we could be doing that every weekend. About 50 of you got copies of our CD before we ran out, so the rest of you go ahead and download the...
Keywords: Airlift
Downloads: 34
[audio]IUMA: Ainjel Emme
Songwriter, singer, music geek, idiot savant, muse. Self-taught guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, drummer. Accomplished producer, frontwoman and accompanist. Analog and tube enthusiast. Over 10 years of recording and live performance experience in a multitude of capacities; street corners, festival stages, dive bars, warehouses, art galleries, coffee houses, subways, movie theatres, living rooms, beauty salons, television studios...
Keywords: Ainjel Emme
Downloads: 59
[audio]IUMA: Aina G
We have just started up working with blues, pop and rock&roll, the band consists of singer Aina Graven Hansen and guitarist/songwriter Martin B. Gundem. Aina has got her musical background in more traditional pop music while Martin has been working with different styles of music from heavy to Norwegian root music (the BrandtZæg EP is available at martin-gundem.com). We are currently working as a studio/project band doing new song material trying to figure out our future music style and directi...
Keywords: Aina G
Downloads: 42
[audio]IUMA: AimerzJo
I'm 13 Years old from Loo-town Iowa. I sing pop music download to listen to it. I wrote Party Down and mostly all of my other music by myself. I also sing a lot of Karaoke from other artists. Below: Lyrics to the songs
Keywords: AimerzJo
Downloads: 32
[audio]IUMA: Aimee Cutler
This dainty 12 year old girl from Houston, Texas, will definitely grab your attention. Aimee's talent for music was first noticed when her childhood singing captured the attention of the Great Harry Belafonte, when she was just 9 months old. Since that time her love of music has blossomed. When she was just 11 years old, she recorded her first album, Why The Stars. Aimee sings every weekend, and continues to improve and grow with every performance...
Keywords: Aimee Cutler
Downloads: 138
[audio]IUMA: Airforce
18 year old trance producer from Stockholm, Sweden who mostly creats Uplifting Melodic trance... If u are in to trance i think u will like my music... If U want proffesional trance.... Airforce is the choise 4 u... = )
Keywords: Airforce
Downloads: 34
[audio]IUMA: Air Tight Experiment
Air Tight Experiment redefines psychaedelic rock with heavy cutting edge guitar production and incredible vocal harmony and melody.
Keywords: Air Tight Experiment
Downloads: 48
[audio]IUMA: Aim of Conrad
Philadelphia's newest post-punk superstars, serving up a healthy dose of cock with their rock. Philly post-punk at its finest. We formed as a band in late 1999. So, we have been together for about 10 or 11 months. We are gathering a decent following in and around the Philadelphia and New Jersey area. We have a two song single out right now called "the intoxicating sounds of malcontent". This release is a preview of a full length album that we are currently begining to record...
Keywords: Aim of Conrad
Downloads: 48
[audio]IUMA: Aim Community
In the beginning God created heaven, earth and Aim Community - each one of you may think so, but it's not quite true. Actually Aim Community was created first because God likes good rock music... So far, so good, but real life is more complex, and the same goes for the biography of a rock band. Formed in 1994 on a German highschool as The Disciples, the guys started to cover rock classics of such authorities like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, Rainbow and others...
Keywords: Aim Community
Downloads: 38
[audio]IUMA: Ahriakin
A native of Ireland, now living in florida, Ahriakin has been writing music on computers since the early days of the Commodore64. This wonderful device being his first view into a world where computer assisted composing didn't mean just bleeps and burps more suited to a calculator. Graduating eventually to the Amiga and it's sampling capabilities he composed for many audio/visual demos and a disk based magazine...
Keywords: Ahriakin
Downloads: 36
[audio]IUMA: Ahnu Nahki
Ahnu Nahki first began as aka 'Belial' with a 1998 project known as Dilithium Meltdown. January of 2000 Ahnu Nahki began developing music for a new project. New synths have been added to the arsenal for a richer, deeper sound. The future is happening..
Keywords: Ahnu Nahki
Downloads: 55
[audio]IUMA: Ahhead
Ahhead project started in 1999 as a home studio project.If you want more tracks visit me at www.mp3.com/ahhead
Keywords: Ahhead
Downloads: 20
[audio]IUMA: Ahead Trance
Update Oct 2003 - Now have fruityloops 3.56 and the Pro-53 Vst, songs sounding better now.... Hmmmm... let's see. Well, a few years ago, I started liking techno/trance music. Now it's all that I listen to. I also play the piano, but that a whole different story... Anyway, on an internet message board, a guy named Nexxyz posted about a program named buzz (he also uses IUMA, quite good stuff). I downloaded it, curious...
Keywords: Ahead Trance
Downloads: 52
[audio]IUMA: Aha Michael Barretto
The players in The Michael Barretto Band are all from Hawaii. Michael is a member of The Hula Blues Band. These musicians have played together for years. Player/Songwriter Michael Barretto is widely known for his down home style of playing. Born and raised in Hawai`i, Michael's music has been making folks dance for years. As a member of Taj Mahal's Hula Blues Band, on their last tour to Europe and Australia, Michael's stuff was dubbed 'world music' - 'Whatever that means,' he quips...
Keywords: Aha Michael Barretto
Downloads: 32
[audio]IUMA: Aex Pogby
Music of Aex Pogby is special. Most of his tunes are in style that no body has, but of course hi has tunes in famoust styles like Dance, Techno and New Age. Aex Pogby composed at the first time in 1995 when he was only 13 years old. The first electronic recored was in 1999 - "Inrtoduction" that was for piano befor that. Except his own music he made remixes for knowen music: Ameno, Popcorn, Concerto of Antonio Vivaldy, Here I Am e.t.c...
Keywords: Aex Pogby
Downloads: 62
[audio]IUMA: Aesir
Aesir(Ay-zeer) is a Miami based Metal band formed in 1994. For the past four years they have been electrifying the Miami local music scene with an eclectic mix of progressive and modern metal. Their combination of intricate keyboards and aggressive vocals has earned them a strong following locally and with the release of their first self-titled EP "AESIR" being released in late 1999, the rest of the world will experience Miami's best kept secret, AESIR...
Keywords: Aesir
Downloads: 27
[audio]IUMA: Aeropostale
-WARNING- Airmail package contains: lost cinematic krautrock, drunken guitars, cheap synths, organic bass and percolating drums. -AVERTISSEMENT- Ce colis envoyé par avion contient des pièces sous influence krautrock, une guitare saoule de reverb, des sythétiseurs cheap, une basse enfumée et une batterie rouge qui aurait plu à Manfred von Richthofen... (suite sur le site web de l'Aéropostale(http://aeropostale.contre.com/)) Still wondering who's bringing it to you? Aéropostale is a trio...
Keywords: Aeropostale
Downloads: 85
[audio]IUMA: Aeroglider
Aeroglider was formed after New Year's Eve 2000 with the aim of creating happy, melodic trance tracks. Whilst fast enough to dance to in any club, Aeroglider wants to emphasize emotions and feelings that pleasant harmonies can evoke. Aeroglider is a one man production band consisting of myself and the various equipment I have to create my music. Most sounds are created on a keyboard, some are sampled, then twisted, tuned or tweaked to fit the piece of music...
Keywords: Aeroglider
Downloads: 31
[audio]IUMA: Aerodynamics
I'm a producer from Portugal with little experience.. my alias is Aerodynamics. I produce tech-trance and uplifting trance in this alias.. might as well try progressive trance under other names. Influences come from producers like M.I.K.E. and Katana.
Keywords: Aerodynamics
Downloads: 46
[audio]IUMA: Aerik Von
The solo band of BMR/ORC/Wolfburg frontman Aerik Von...full of Ramones styled heavy rawk und roll... Aimed to keep greasy, simple, guitar punk/gutter/metal rock in the world...love it or hate it - just fucking buy it!
Keywords: Aerik Von
Downloads: 28
[audio]IUMA: Aerial

Keywords: Aerial
Downloads: 34
[audio]IUMA: Aeram
AERAM, are a new three piece Rock Band based in the mystical surroundings of Snowdonia, North Wales. They are growing in popularity due to their newly released album NOSTRADAMUS which consists of six songs, three in Cymraeg, and three in English. The album is regularly played on radio Cymru and also Champion fm. The album boasts different styles full of passion and power with a slight Celtic influence...
Keywords: Aeram
Downloads: 48
[audio]IUMA: Aeraby
New York City's Aeraby demands the attention of a listener. The band's music is emotional, dark, aggressive, and melodic. The members of Aeraby care about creating good music and are not interested in following mainstream fads. The band's music is influenced by a wide variety of sources. Some of the band's most prominent inspirations are The Beatles, Black Sabbath, The Beach Boys, Elvis, Throwing Muses, and Tool...
Keywords: Aeraby
Downloads: 56
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